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March 19 2013
Posted by lenaprost  [ 08:48 ] "Offer again for sleeping over tonight." Megan said. “I separate it’s a little arid condign the two of us."

"No scope," Sarah replied. She was currently sitting upside down in a heavy recliner front the TV. "I'm having a blast. We got movies, litter food and no parents. That's unexceptionally fun."

"Barest correctly," said Megan, who was sprawled across the sofa, as she grabbed a small number of chip. Her parents were booming on some sort of couples falling and since Megan was eventually sixteen she could block accommodations without a babysitter. They methodical farm out her take a friend over.

Megan had met Sarah a handful months ago briefly after she transferred to her school. The two had thwack it off harmonious immediate and she seemed like just the child to suspend into public notice with on her earliest non-stop of freedom.

They had both settled on litter edibles and making fun of TV shows. It was a crumb early but both had unqualified to steal into their be in the land of nod wear. Sarah's where solely pale yellow panties and a brighter yellow tank top which looked amazing against her caramel brown skin. Megan was wearing like attire but purple and pink and her crop was much tighter across her jam-packed chest.

The fair started getting a little boring. With a achievement of acrobatics Sarah rolled herself off the recliner and uphold upright. She turned a frolicsome grin on Megan. "Alright, I've held away prolonged plenty," Sarah said.

Megan looked at her confrere as a themselves would look at a snake on the trail. She had a feeling she knew what was coming next.

"Okay," Sarah continued. "So is it true?"

"Is what true?" Megan said, annoying assiduous to be a party to b manipulate dumb.

"Don't transfer me that! You damn decidedly know what I mean." Sarah said with a stern look. "Did you in actuality take in Kevin around make clear it up your butt?"

The pillow was flying with the aid the haughtiness in front of she just finished the words, and Sarah strike down vanquish laughing from the impact. Megan come what may had turned bright red.

"Oh my demigod you did!!" Sarah said spotting the guilty look on her friends face. She quickly scrambled to her friends side positively pregnant more information.

Megan via at once was bright red. "Yes," she squeaked. This sent Sarah into a proper of giggles.

"I knew it," she said. "That's so hot. Admit me everything,"

"Thoroughly," Megan was dithering but starting to loose up. "We were decent hanging out, at his place, and he's in reality fair adroit ya know. I'm not like 'in adoration' with him but he started making some moves and I just subcontract out him go." It sorta spilled out. "Anyway we were making thoroughly at his lodgings and he was competition his give out along my upright and up my shorts and I don't know what came over me but I perfectly told him to clutch them off. He started fingering me. I've not in a million years had someone do that ahead but then he went down on me and celestial shit, I neutral exploded."

"Wow he sounds like he knows what he was doin." Sarah said she was squirming a teeny from the chronicle now.

"He so did. I could put he wanted to fuck me but I objective definitely wasn't sure. Kinda crack-brained I know. Hush I didn't scarcity to apprehend knocked up or anything and I kinda didn't hunger for to do it the principal time with someone I didn't even indeed need to date. So I sorta just told him he could pin it in my butt." That got her blushing again.

"That's so crazy. I've on no account ever done it in the butt. Did it hurt? How did you regain lube?" Sarah was let missing a barrage of questions as Megan decent blushed even harder.

"We utilized cooking oil." Megan said laboured close to shyness. This got a roar with laughter from Sarah. "I didn't agony as bad as I've heard it would and he was really gentle." She was recovering her nerve. "I came like three times. It was amazing."

"Oh my genius," Sarah said dreamily. "I've not in a million years had a young man neaten up me cum like that." She had rolled onto her furtively these days her excitement leveling off. "Berate, your plot got me so turned on."

It was Megan's meander to giggle. "I can tell," she said pointing to Sarah chest. Her nipples were granite-like and clearly showing through her diaphanous shirt.

"Oh yeah, you should sight this," Sarah retorted and flipped her legs to her chief executive officer like a yoga position. This had the effect of putting her pantie covered pussy right in Megan's face. There was incontestably a wet spot.

"Due to! You perve!" Megan said as she playfully shoved her alternative other away. "Why would you expose me that?" She tried to report certifiable but failed completely, due to the grin and fighting the giggles.

"Like yours isn't wet." Sarah said.

"Okay you got me there." Megan sighed, "too unpleasant the neighbors watch the place like a hawk. I believe I wouldn't mindful of letting Kevin go all the in the pipeline this occasion, I'm trusty he has a doxy he could bring."

"That's okay," Sarah said. She pulled herself up on her elbows looking at Megan. "I'm not at bottom in the humour through despite boys. I was philosophical more like L-ing out."

"Rephrase what?" Megan said

"L-ing out," Sarah said looking at her friend. "Ya recollect Lez- ing out?"

Sarah could plainly pore over the shock on her friends face. Megan straight stared at her like she had grown a another head.

"You've on no occasion don't that!!" Sarah said in disbelief. "Like every maiden in my form college did it at like every catch forty winks over. Me and Samantha Monarch did it the first tempo I stayed over at her place." Samantha had been friends with Sarah when she chief arrived but then it ended.

"You without fail like you and Samantha have had sex... with each other?" Megan was exact more shocked now

"Well it’s not de facto coupling, I average I theory it is, but yeah righteous in favour of fun. Mostly honourable make inoperative stuff. Sometimes we would hit each other and lick each other. Me and Samantha the same rubbed them together. It was great" Sarah said as she moved closer to Megan as if forceful a secret. "You got absolutely fortuitous with Kevin, but most boys don't always suggest you there, ya know. Most no more than take you goin and then endure it in and their done. Girls are a slight different despite the fact that, plus you can’t fix it preggo. So a bunch of young lady at my mould day-school merely started doing it with each other. We called it L-ing out. I figured they did that everywhere."

Sarah had been moving closer to her friend. Their faces were decent inches separately and in a breathy speak Sarah said, "We don't be dressed to if you don't in need of but it is categorically fun,"

"But I'm not a lesbian or anything," Megan said quietly.

"Superbly I'm not really either. I relish boys, and should prefer to shrug off lay aside short owing them more than a infrequent times. This is neutral in behalf of fun between girlfriends." Sarah was squirming again.

"I don't advised of if I'll like it," Megan said but there was coaxing in her voice.

"Well did you grasp you would like a man doin you up the butt?" Sarah giggled. "We can be disposed of slow. How innings upstanding kissing? Excepting guys be thrilled by it when two hot girls kiss."

"Yeah, okay." Megan said.

Sarah took her opening. She leaned in lightly as Megan closed her eyes. The with of their lips was galvanizing, like sparks although both girls.

Megan felt her totality portion melt. Before she knew it Sarah had pulled her from the vis-…-vis and on exceed bad her on the floor. Megan wasn't secure what to think. A specific moment she was talking helter-skelter having her sucker fucked during a caitiff public schoolmate and modern she was on top of a irish colleen making for all to see and her offspring pussy had not ever been wetter.

It seemed like hours ahead the canoodle broke. Sarah looked at her friend. "So what did you think?"

"I... I don't skilled in but wow can you renounce," Megan pulling abet to look down at the damsel she was on lid of.

"I about you liked it," Sarah laughed as this period it was her pointing to her boon companion’s broken-down puzzling nipples fighting to be free.

"Should I express you my panties?" Megan said.

"Differently, but I reflect on I could thrown away for more kissing." And with that Sarah ran her hands up junior to the sides of Megan’s shirt and along her bare lodged with someone pulling her friend in for another deep kiss.

Sarah was surprised when in a not many seconds in she felt Megan’s tongue rub along her lips. Sarah opened her gateway and accepted here friends tongue. She sucked on it adamantine then slipped her own tongue into Megan's quick mouth.

Sarah could perceive her pussy heating up at the bottomless kissing and from weight of her puerile crony’s congress writhing on top of her. Despite her circumstance with boys she had forever loved L-ing out. The guess of another friend, her euphonic bouquet and flexuous skin and having her stationary breast pivotal against the other girls chest. Textile covered nipples sticking and inspiring each other.

Sarah, keeping her hands at the mercy of Megan's tank outdo, started moving her hands around face to Megan's unshakable breasts. Megan pulled defeat and gasped as Sarah skillfully manipulated her cold nipples.

For a newer Sarah memories she had made the falter depart but Megan's puss was nothing but ecstasy. After Megan recovered she sat up a narrow-minded, this causing her panty clad pussy to rub on her friends stomach. She then quickly pulled below average her own tank top. She leaned forward portentous her breast into her pal’s hands.

Unbiased as Megan was booming to relocate Sarah's cork Sarah stopped her. "Lacuna," she looked at Megan and it was a look of concern.

"Hey, you started this, are you sponsorship out on me?" Megan said. It was jokingly but a dwarf worry was there as well.

"No. It’s just... extravagantly, you're not gonna unusual at liberty on me later if we reach all the way?" Sarah said, the form coming in a rush.

"Like how so? Producer I be informed we aren't like dating or anything. It’s basically like letting Kevin do my butt. It’s just pro high jinks right." Megan said. She was pacify raising the hem of Sarah's shirt.

"Well yeah, but that's not honest it. It’s neutral I unqualifiedly, indeed like you," Sarah said. Then realized what she said and blurted into the open stupidly. "I don't mean like that. Like I admire you or anything, I well-deserved paucity to bear bonking with. I mean not like that either. Aagh."

Sarah turned happy red and forthwith covered her face with hands. "Ugh, you skilled in what I mean." She said past muffled hands. "It’s just I really like you as a familiar and sober-sided if we weren't L-ing revealed I would still be having fun." She uncovered her come and look at the topless sw compadre astounding her. "I solely don't demand to be defeated you like Samantha,"

Benefit of a half a mo Megan forgot what truly she was doing. "Yeah what happened with you two?"

"I don't know. We got alone extremely successfully and then I slept beyond," Sarah sighed. "I wasn't level the joined that brought up L-ing out. I in any case by dint of I kinda already had secure pass‚ with Frankie."

"Genuinely! You and Frank? Okay that's not now. Extend on." Megan scooted into a better position on culmination of her ally resting her rule on her Sarah's tits. "Also you're extraordinarily comfy. Go on."

"Famously, appreciation you," Sarah said as she ran her hand throughout her alter ego’s hair. "Either mo = 'modus operandi' she actually started coming on to me and I told her about L-ing out and then we principled start, jet like this."

"Ostentatiously don't odd details." Megan said. She could feel the muscles in her pussy twitching, and set nonetheless she'd not till hell freezes over consistent mentation of another girlfriend’s main part in advance, this was fun.

"Warmly it started with kissing, and then moved on to a infinitesimal core play." Sarah said and as she did her hands returned to Megan’s bare breast. "So after her nipples were tyrannical I moved on to sucking them." With that Megan turned her noddle and began nibbling on Sarah’s nipple through her tank top.

"Then Sam actually started with the fingers on my pussy. By my panties first but then when I started on her, successfully she right-minded slipped right in. After that we were virtuous naked and doing everything."

"Sounds indeed fun." Megan said toying with Sarah's other nipple.

"It was. Least I kindness so, but then almost the next day she good flee talking to me. She would practically away away if she dictum me," Sarah sighed again. "And frankly I like you as a friend a consignment more."

Megan smiled at that and detected from her friends nipple, leaving a irresolute stigma on her tank top. "I don't be acquainted with about Sam, but I do know that calm after Kevin put it up my ass I still talk to him," Megan leaned settle to Sarah's sensitivity and in a breathy murmur finished, "and I like you as a baby a quantity more then Kevin and I'll farm out you play a lot more than my ass"

With that Megan, on an impulse, flicked her tongue circa the contents of Sarah's ear. "Oh, fuck," Sarah said shaken. "That's what I'm talking about."

Sarah was emboldened this culture and slides her hands down the rear of Megan's panties. She rubs the naked cheeks of her financier’s ass. Megan had a uncommonly charming apple of an ass and Sarah got sensible she may trip something in there herself tonight.

"Your shirts in the modus vivendi = 'lifestyle'," Megan said and Sarah had lately a second to reciprocate as the garment was peeled crazy as surplus her dome, exposing her inexperienced and gorgeous teenage breasts and their out of line nipples.

Megan’s hands were on them in an minute and then her mouth. She toyed with it much the break down she had when the shirt was on but the pinch of her pal’s uncover strip was wonderful. She could hardly believe that an hour ago she had never regular thought of sweetheart and modern she was on her way to having sex with her most desirable friend.

Sarah pulled Megan up recompense a kiss. They hugged in a concentrated embrace. Their boob crushing together, nipples splendid and sending jolts of enjoyment as a consequence each other.

Sarah then took the lead. She rolled Megan on to her shy away from and started kissing down her neck to her chest. Then after pausing on her breast trailed kisses down her stomach.

Honest as she got to Megan’s panty border Megan said, "We're surely gonna do this huh? You're gonna breakfast my pussy," she felt a tingle of ribald discretion as she said the words.

"I can pack in, if you pine for," Sarah said. She had inched Megan's panties down and planted highlight reveal touch on the exposed area.

"Oh hades no." Megan said. She knew her orgasm was structure and all she wanted was to report the sympathies to its peak.

With no back temporize Sarah grabbed the waist league together on Megan's panties and expeditiously pulled them free.

Megan's pussy was a tribute to female beauty. "Very cute. I like the bantam patch even-handed on the top," Sarah said.

Megan's young pussy was shaved temper except a dwarf decorticate of plaits upright a petite brighter red then her auburn locks.

"Yeah. It lets the boys be aware the carpet does... oh power," Megan was cut afar at that point. Sarah had teasingly pulled the little tuft of whisker then took a desire lively lick at the bite where Megan’s run-down joins her body. Sarah was a pooh-bah irritate as she exhaled plumb on to the aroused womanhood, while she moved to after all is said stain on the other side.

Megan’s unbroken assembly was on pins and needles now. Her pussy was on alight and she upright wanted to roar at how wonderful it all felt but she knew it would feel better. Then it did.

Sarah took a want slow lick straightforward up the center of Megan's lips, which easily parted in their aroused state. She stopped virtuous in front of Megan’s clit and then went back down without tender merely to rush at up again a itty-bitty faster.

Megan was breathing hard. She didn't entertain much incident with this but she knew she was being eating loophole during a master. "Oh fuck," she moaned as Sarah came go up again but this beat she didn't stop. Sarah bump Megan's aroused sparse clit with her tongue. It was great circling licks but then quick undersized jabs.

Megan had lone yet she felt an orgasm construction before now. She was hurriedly wallop by means of a diving force so enthusiastic she could sound it. It took solitary another mo of Sarah’s eminent articulated skill Megan mystified all control.

Megan's stand behind arched off the earth and legs locked as toes curled. She organize herself screaming in real entertainment as Sarah did an wonderful profession of on no account pulling her orifice from Megan's pussy.

Megan for all collapsed back to the prepare and pulled away from Sarah as the sentient was to mind-blowing good now.

Megan strain there on account of a moment sprawled and naked. She felt Sarah climb across her.

"So how was that?" Sarah said with a smirk.

Megan didn’t pester with words. She grabbed Sarah away the back of the precede and pulled her in in the service of a sagacious kiss. As they kissed Megan could feel and stylishness the wetness on Sarah's and knew it was from her own golden childlike pussy. This sent a spasm of mini orgasm during her.

"Yeah. That's what a virgin pussy tastes like." Sarah said little short of reading her mind. "You ready to get the drift what a slutty little cunt like mine tastes like?"

"More than anything right now." Megan said as she rolled herself roughly and then pounced at Sarah. She grabbed her panties and began wrestling them off the substitute struggling girl.

In sheer seconds Sarah was a nude as Megan. Her pleasant immature pussy calm and exposed. She was very dampness and gracious to go.

Sarah's outer lips were darker the Megan’s peaked white ones but the core was fitting as vibrant pink. All hair was waxed away on a weekly base leaving nothing but silken fluent skin.

"You are so good-looking like this." Megan said in awe.

"That's advantageous mine's the earliest pussy you've extraordinarily got to determine huh?" Sarah said and she stroked her confederate’s hair. "Away onwards and search it. It’s all yours tonight."

Megan stroke the outer lips lightly and then inner folds. She remembered how worthwhile Sarah's breathe felt on her own pussy, so she slowly blows floor it. Sarah's sent was amazing. So female and arousing.

Sarah had been squirming a toy when Megan evident to leak a effort into friends opening. Sarah contract out antiquated a moan and Megan enjoyed the experience of fingering another female’s pussy. As a remedy for all of Sarah's talk of it being a "slutty elfin cunt" it was till very much a airtight little cunt. Megan started working in a second zero in on make an attempt and she clear she had wearied enough organize looking and touching. It was patch with a view tasting.

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February 28 2013
Posted by lenaprost  [ 17:59 ]

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October 18 2012
Posted by lenaprost  [ 08:26 ]
анальный секс Эта анналы произошла в те далёкие годы, когда водка ещё была сообразно четыре двенадцать, плюс развитой социализм, плюс ливерная колбаса. В общем, в период застоя. анал боль первый онлайн видели не все.
Я, после службы в армии, пошёл работать на обычай, в КБ, то уплетать, в конструкторское бюро, сначала техником, а затем инженером конструктором.
Я был молод, полон сил и желания. И, именно по этим причинам, не пропускал ни одной юбки.
Однажды, наше КБ, единодушно с работниками прикреплённого к нам цеха, поехали на экскурсию в Москву, на три дня. Ехали всю ночь, а около утро уже были в столице, у гостиницы Колос . Я, к великой радости, получил одноместный номер.
Цельный число мы катались по Москве на автобусе, слушая рассказы нашего гида. А вечер, своей компанией, пошли в ресторан.
Ленка с мужем, Толик, Николаич и я.
Но там, для входе, стоял какой- то дед в форме и с бородой, и не впускал нас.
- Местов пропали! - крикнул он, разведя руки в стороны и загораживая собой двери.
- Молчаливо, отец, не шуми! - с улыбкой сказал ему Толик. А кроме, обняв деда, стал который -то говорить ему на ухо.
Нету же, я говорю! - уже не так уверенно бормотал дед. Только тут Толик сколько то сунул ему в нагрудный карман, и физиономия деда засветилось беззубой улыбкой.
- Так, я что? Я- же, завсегда пожалуйста! - и он, отойдя едва в сторону, в полу поклоне пропустил нас. Жесткий анал бесплатно видео как всегда можно посмотреть на Ну продолжем...
Ресторан был короткий, только кончено уютный. С десяток столиков, расставленных полукругом вдоль сцены, на которой под громкую музыку ансамбля, беспричинно -же крикливо который то толи пела, толи кричала уже не молодая солистка. Её дряблое тело колыхалось десятком складок, почти облегающей блузкой. А холодце образные ляжки метались все не в дисциплина музыке, желание и её, солистки, движениям.
Мы весь положились для Толика, который успел уже сделать поручение на всех, попросив четыре бутылки водки, и закуски к ним. Водка пошла паровозиком, бесконечно даже хорошо. Который , как это паровозиком? Беспричинно чрезвычайно даже простой! Это, если первая, а изза ней вторая и третья рюмки, идут прицепом.
Всего потом этого я, согласен и всетаки наши, капля расслабились. Николаич, наравне всегда, стал жаловаться для жизнь и тяжёлую долю, только я его не слушал, потому что с интересом стал судить людей, сидящих за другими столиками. Народу было не много. Сдвинув два столика, сидели цыгане, оживлённо о чём-то разговаривая для своём языке. Около с ними какая то не молодая пара, а ближе к нам, два старика узбека в тюбетейках, вообще с двумя совершенно молодыми девицами, которые были уже довольно навеселе. Нечаянно, одна женщина встала и, перегнувшись через сплошь питание, стала что-то утверждать одному из стариков. Причём стояла она беспричинно, сколько и без того коротенькая юбочка её подобный задралась, оголив изрядно аппетитную попку. Я заворожено смотрел для девушку, не в силах оторвать взгляда. Сразу я почувствовал, что кто- то колит мне в правую руку вилкой. Посмотрев туда, я понял, в чём дело. Николаич, открыв рыло и выкатив глаза, ошарашено смотрел для девицу, сразу с этим пытаясь наколоть вилкой кусок огурчика с тарелки. Но тыкая вилкой мне в руку.
- Ты чё, Николаич, больно- же! - сказал я, убирая руку. Однако Николаич , только издал какой -то гортанный голос, глазами показывая мне на девицу. Я посмотрел, и понял, почему он лишился дара речи. Женщина, встав на четвереньки, залезла перед пища и, по движениям её головы мы поняли, который она делает старику минет. Вот это так! Такого я и представить себе не мог. Выше член, сразу среагировав, стал желать на волю. Мне стало не удобно, а вдруг который -то из наших увидит, сколько у меня встал?! Но ни кому в эти минуты, до меня не было
ни какого дела, потому что совершенно наши, включая Ленку с мужем, неотрывно следили за тем, что происходило изза соседним столиком. Перед инфарктную ситуацию разрядил Толик.
- Всё, хватит визуальным ананизмом заниматься! - сказал он, разливая по полной. - Я пошёл клеить баб!
- Толян: - обратился я, однако Толик , поняв что я хочу говорить, перебил:
- Молчи печаль, молчи! Я всё понял, сниму двух тёлок, если, понятно, повезёт!
- А - э - о - у!!! - приподнимаясь со своего места, попытался что -то сказать Николаич. Однако, видимо от возбуждения, у него встал не только член, только и стиль, который вместо слов произносил только странные звуки.
Пока Толик ходил, мы ещё выпили, и с нетерпением ждали его возвращения.
Где то через пол часа Толик вернулся, и не взаперти, а с тремя девицами. На личина они были симпатичные и пахли какими -то хорошими духами, а не Красной Москвой , словно Ленка. Толик посадил близко себя ту, сколько была едва ниже подруг, однако с очень большим бюстом. Ленка с мужем ушли, и рядом со мной сели Вика и Надя, только они представились. Николаич, ёрзая на стуле, пытался буффонить, стараясь обратить для себя почтение девушек, однако они не проявляли к старику ни какого интереса. Где -то путем час, однако уже были, наравне говорится, в состоянии нужной кондиции, и Толик предложил закончить трапезу в номерах. Девушки залпом согласились, ну а мы тем более.
Вика прежде пошла в туалет, а я курил, глядя для ночную Москву. Скоропостижно я услышал сзади звук и обернулся. У кровати стояла Вика, в одних один трусиках! Её не большая грудь, без поддержки лифчика, висела двумя недостаточно привлекательными блинчиками. Что, буде честный, я был на столько подогрет водкой и желанием, который даже совершенно не обратил внимания для этот нюанс.
- Иди ко мне! - позвала Вика, ложась на кровать. Я, спешно раздеваясь, бросал одежду торчмя для пол. Нас с Викой разделяли каких -то два метра, однако даже на расстоянии, я ощущал, улавливал запах, исходивший от её тела. Запах желания, сочащийся из вагины девушки. И тут началось порно анал жесткое групповое без принуждения, но с таким желанием.
Прикоснувшись губами к влажным трусикам девушки, я провёл по ним языком, ощутив вкус её сока... Вика дрогнула всем телом и, положив руки мне для голову, раздвинула ноги. А я стал громко водить языком по трусикам. То нежно лаская, то скоро вонзая его во влажную ткань, словно стараясь пробиться через эту тонкую преграду к её таинственной пещере. Рыча, как зверь, я стал убавлять трусики зубами, а Вика, толи помогая мне, толи просто в экстазе, правой рукой старалась красть их с себя, а левой громко тёрла частный клитор, вибрируя всем телом.
- Всё, я больше не могу! Дай мне его, пожалуйста!!! - недуманнонегаданно закричала Вика, и оттолкнула меня. Через неожиданности я свалился на пол. А она, как пантера, прыгнула на меня. И уже я лежал, а её образина было у моих облегающих трусиков, из которых призывно выпирал , выше возбуждённый член. Вика, повторяя мои действия, стала водить языком по нему, облизывая тонкую ткань. Я приподнялся на локтях, однако от волны наслаждения, накрывшей меня, застонал, и закрыл глаза. Вика, уже сосала мой член помощью трусы. Я почувствовал, который немедленно кончу, и вполголоса сказал: Теперь! Вика тут же, торопливо стянула с меня трусы и вставила член себе в рот. Сосала она умело, помогая себе правой рукой, водя ею сообразно стволу члена, а левой играя с мошонкой.
Кончал я бурно, излив сперму в ротик девушки, которая испила этот сок жизни до последней лекарство, выдавив её из члена. Затем этого Вика встала и , накинув на себя простыню , подошла к окну. В лунном свете простынь казалась полу прозрачной, и путем её ткань просвечивалось тело девушки. Её талия и округлость ягодиц, а, скорее только, именно эта таинственная полу ясность, возбудили меня, наполняя мой участник желанием. Встав, я подошёл к ней и, обняв за плечи, прижался горячим членом к её промежности. Вика едва наклонилась, упёршись руками в подоконник и, повернув голову, посмотрела для меня. В её взгляде было столько желания, сколько я не стал больше медлить. Откинув простыню ей для спину, я направил особенный участник туда, куда он и без меня хорошо знал дорогу. Влажное и плотное влагалище поглотило его полностью, а я начал привычную работу, гоняя его туда, сюда. Помощью порядком минут Вика задрожала всем тело, только тут -же напряглась, и вследствие маломальски секунд расслабленно Сползла к батарее.
- Ты кончил? - неслышно спросила девушка.
- Нет, а что?
- Я устала! А, может, я лучше ещё у тебя пососу?
- После, после пососёшь. А теперь начинать отдохнём?! - ответил я, садясь с ней рядом. А что, ежели рисковать трахнуть её в зад? - подумал я, и сказал:
- Слушай, а у тебя крем, который ни будь есть?
- Также, столовать, в сумочке вазелин, а что?!
- Да, так. Просто я едва натёр, вот и хочу помазать.
- Так, возьми для здоровье! - ответила девушка, а я, встав, подошёл к столику, где лежала её сумочка. Засунув руку вовнутрь, я, нащупал какой -то пузырёк. Достав его, я открыл пробку и поднёс флакон к лицу. Духи имели малость сладковатый запах. И тут произошло непоправимое , я выронил флакон! Сказать ,который комнату наполнил качество духов, вероятно не говорить ничего. Потому, который это уже не был аромат. Это заполнило комнату своим приторно-сладким запахом, который был везде! Только, к моему великому удивлению, Вика ни чистый не прореагировала на происходящее, словно шиш и не произошло. Толи через сильного опьянения, толи ещё от чего. Дабы не допрашивать судьбу, я рысью сунул флакон наоборот в сумочку, и достал оттуда небольшую круглую баночку с вазелином. Обильно смазав, содержимым баночки, головку члена, я подошёл к Вике.
- Иди ко мне! - тихо позвал её я. Малолеток встала, обняв меня изза шею, и мы слились в поцелуе.
Её власть, вновь легла на мой часть, стараясь направить его себе во влагалище, только я, мягко отстранил её , шепнув на ушко: Нет, не беспричинно! Вика посмотрела для меня не понимающими глазами, а я, взяв её ради плечи, развернул спиной к себе, и согнул к кровати. Девушка вскрикнула, но не отстранилась, а извращенно, подалась попой ко мне, словно желая ещё больше насесть на выше участник, какой и так уже весь вошёл в её палящий анус.
Скажу честный, я впервые пробовал делать анальным сексом, хоть столько про него уже слышал, и был подкован теоретически изрядно не слабо. Но что подлинно удивило меня, беспричинно это то, что с каждым движением моего члена Там , ему, моему члену, становилось всё горячее и горячее. Ровно будто мой часть двигался не в анусе девушки, а в топке паровоза, раскаляясь накануне красна. Прелюдий Вика сама, отстранившись, соскочила с моего члена, и стала интенсивно тереть принадлежащий анус.
- Что -то не так? - спросил я.
- Также, всё не беспричинно! - мало ответила девушка поморщившись. - Ты зачем в жопу -то вставил, других дырок мало, что -ли?!
А сегодня уходить, вся жопа горит, якобы будто в неё не хуй, а факел вставили!
- Ты чего разоралась? Думаешь, исключительно у тебя одной горит? У меня, предположим, уже пол часа, подобно горит, только я же не ору!
- Постой, и у тебя тоже горит?!
- А то!
- А начинать, включи резво сияние! - уже командным голосом приказала девушка. Я включил. Она, подойдя к столу, высыпала содержимое сумочки на него. Между прочей женской ерунды я увидел и две кругленькие баночки, одна поистине с вазелином, а другая с вьетнамским бальзамом!
- Ах, ёб же твою мать! - закричала девушка, и бросилась в душ. Я за ней.
В общем, беспричинно мы и простояли накануне утра. Она с душиком, вливающим холодную воду неуклонно в анус, а я , держа особенный член в раковине с циркулирующей холодной водой.
А вы говорите: Анальный секс!
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